Prompt Service. Quality Work.

Grant Johnson Drainage Company offers all phases of investigation and drainage work along with prompt service and quality work. Contact Grant for more information or to hear about our 10 Year Warranty!

How do you prevent water from
getting under your house or building?
Is it storm water or ground water?
Can I just use a pump to fix the problem?

Grant Johnson's expert technicians can give you the answers to these and many more questions.

Questions to consider asking Drainage Contractors:

  • Should the sump pump be installed outside where there is easy access or be under the house where it is noisy, hard to inspect every year going into the rainy season ?
  • How do you determine the quality of the proposed system to be installed?
  • What exactly does your warranty cover? Are there any “exclusions”?
  • Should you remove the existing plastic vapor barrier and install a new one?
  • Are you going to use the existing low point drain on this job, or will you use a sump pump?
  • Do you inspect the soil, the neighborhood, or look for creeks, holding ponds or greenbelts, nearby?
  • How long will this project take to complete, and will you be here every day once you start?

Crews are built on respect and trust

Grant Johnson Drainage Company has four crew members who have been together over a decade and a couple of new guys. We take before, during and after photos upon request. There are many home inspectors who recommend us because they see the quality of our work and the pride we take in each project. All our work is often “word of mouth” and we have no signage on our trucks or job sites.

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